Herb and Oil Aroma CandlesTM were specifically designed and formulated for use in bodywork sessions. Therefore they lend themselves well to the type of work you are doing.

1.  Burn candles during your session.

2.  Have a stock of your favorites, ones that would work well with your clientele, including GroundingTM, Hangover-HaulTM, Letting GoTM, Creative VisionTM, Courage and ProtectionTM, for example

3.  Know what the candles were formulated to do, so you can recommend blends according to the client’s needs.  There is information on the order sheet or on our website for a quick description of each of the candles.

4.  Have an attractive display of the candles.  For example, take a couple of different sizes of boxes and use a small piece of satin.  We provide a color display sign with your first order.

5.  Utilize the holidays/events year round to freshen your display, i.e., Valentine’s Day, graduation, Christmas, Hanukah, etc.

6.  Before the session, take a couple of minutes and encourage your client to sample the scents of the candles to pick which one they want to burn during the session.  “I was planning on burning an aromatherapy candle during our session.  Would you like to pick one you like best?”  Let them know which your favorite is also.

7.  When the client shows an interest you can respond with “Doesn’t that smell good.  That would work for …”  Try to identify what would work well with that client at that time.

8.  Burn the client’s expressed favorite.  Let them know that next session they can sample another one.

9.  Listen to your clients as you work so you can suggest candles that fit their lifestyle and needs.  For example, they may talk about anniversary plans with their partner and you could suggest A Bit of RomanceTM for the occasion and beyond.  If they express they would like more energy, try Get Up and GoTM.

10.  Always be ready to offer substitutions for a candle you are out of.  For example, “Do you have something relaxing?”  “We are sold out of Relaxing MomentsTM but we have GroundingTM which helps dissipate excess energy and works as well in many situations.”  If they like one, they will like another also.

11.  Have a display of Italian candles and burn the 8 oz, explaining to the customer the 8 oz were made for studio use only.  This tip is recommended for upscale clientele.  It can be modified to fit your particular situation.  You could also use the 8 oz to burn during sessions and for sale.

12.  Give your client a gift of a 4 oz candle with your label on it.  They will remember you and where they got the candle and will come back for more.

13.  As the client is getting ready to leave, before paying, ask if they would like to continue the experience they just had and take a candle home with them.  Ask for the sale.  You have just provided them a pleasant experience.  The clients are already paying you and adding a little more onto the payment is relatively painless. 

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