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Class Schedule

class schedules

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We cover each class (Levels I and II) in a very intensive day long seminar where you will learn the foundation and receive the attunements which will allow the energy to flow through you.  We also offer follow up conversations to assist you in receiving the most from your Reiki training and utilizing this magnificent healing art.

We have regularly scheduled classes in Level I & II as listed below, and are also available for Master's initiations, Karuna and private training by arrangement.

Reiki Level I

10:30a.m. - 7p.m. - bring lunch - $115

No classes currently scheduled.  Stay tuned!

Reiki Level II

10:30a.m. - 6p.m. - bring lunch - $195

No classes currently scheduled.  Stay tuned!

$275 for both, prepaid
Payment arrangements negotiable

Reiki Share Groups - no charge

Part of our ongoing Reiki outreach program
Let us know if you're interested in getting share groups going again.

The Share Groups are a great opportunity to  gather with other Reiki Practitioners/Masters to share our Reiki stories, ask questions, share info, work on each other and share Reiki. A very energizing, refreshing, relaxing experience for all who attend!

Call for Aromatherapy and Past Life Class Schedules

Aromatherapy classes - $25

"Aromatherapy" - the modern word for the age-old use of scents to affect moods and assist life-enhancing processes. This class is for anyone interested in the use of scents (essential oils) to facilitate the healing process. We will discuss essential oils vs. fragrances and their safety, with a hands-on introduction to blending. Each participant will have the opportunity to make their own blend during the class. Handouts will be provided on a variety of oils and their historical uses.

Past Life Therapy/Regression - $20

Even if you're not certain that past lives exist, come with an open mind, imagination and spirit of adventure to explore the possibility of how past life information can unlock a refreshing insight into present challenges and situations. There will be a guided mediation to explore this potential.